August 2016

To be a member the Grand event AutoParty «L&S» – means to start building your OWN business in the Company!!!

August 27, 2016, Auto Party «L&S» at the SunRay Hotel!!!

August 28, 2016 «L&S» Style at the SunRay Hotel!!!

May 2016

Learn from the President «L&S» in one of the world’s best hotels in Dubai, United Arab Emirates !!!

Academy L&S 2015 - 1

Academy L&S 2015 - 2

Academy L&S 2015 - 3

Academy L&S 2015 - 4




Academy L&S 2015

December 2015

In December will be held a Stunning New Year Party!!!

Новогодний Корпоратив

Each partner is guaranteed to get a nice little presents and a lot of Positive Vibes!!!

As well as there will be a lot of nominations, interesting sketches, stunning promotions, yum-yum buffet, etc.

September 2015

The Grand Event of the Company «L&S» – «L&S» Style 2015 !!!

Are now on sale the Invitations to the «L&S» Style 2015! This is YOUR chance to create a team and give everyone the opportunity to see the entire Company «L&S», to meet with the President of «L&S» and realize that they have made the Right choice in their life to make it Better!

I know and understand that the most important and central thing in our business – it is seeing who you go by to Liberty and Success! And «L&S» Style in September 2015 – is the Best opportunity to BEGIN SEE CLEARLY!

Photo report of the Company «L&S»

Never miss The Opportunity to change your life!

Representative office of the Company «L&S»

Opened the exclusive Representation office
of the Company «L&S» !!!

Representative office of L&S 01

Representative office of L&S 02

Representative office of L&S 03

Advanced technology and fantastic design – all in the style of «L&S» !!!

P.S. While many fold business, the Company «L&S» is gaining momentum and expanding its business, opening a Representative Office for International Leaders !!!

Photo report see – here

August 2015

Exclusive Training by the Company President of «L&S»!!!

Эксклюзивный Тренинг Президента L&S


«Working with Objection» !!!

After learning and applying this knowledge, you will be able to earn 1,000,000

July – August 2015

HURRAY! HURRAY!! HURRAY!!! Additional Qualifying Period !!!


This is Your Great Chance to become a «Team Leader» and enter the «Privilege Club» of the Company!

This will give you: a regular income in the amount of $ 800 per month, the opportunity to study Personally from the President of the Company at the Seminar of the I-st stage, access to the incredible knowledge at the VIP Club of the Company «L&S», Recognition on a huge stage of the Company, the opportunity to participate in exclusive «L&S» Gift program and a lot of other very important things in Everyone’s life!

Qualifying Product – «Lackey» !!!