The damage of EPM

The influence of electromagnetic radiation
on the human body !!!

In this article we will tell about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, as Products of «L&S» – are the optimal protection against this threat.

EMR is a problem that for many years is being ranked as the first in the World, as a threat to human life! Nowadays, scientist studying the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body have no doubt that the problem is no less dangerous factor in the global scale than the pollution of air, water, the growing level of background radiation, etc. Moreover, the situation with electromagnetic radiation is much more catastrophic than other harmful factors.

Over the past 20 years we all got accustomed to useful technical innovations of the world such as mobile phones, computers and laptops, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc. These electronic helpers are in each apartment, and sometimes there too many of them. But even now few people know that any device that consumes electricity creates an electromagnetic field (EMF). Some EMF are safe (for example, from a bulb or iron), and some have very strong influence on the human body. But electromagnetic radiation affects us not only at home but also at work, in public transport, shops, places of public entertainment, etc. Everywhere there are devices which produce electromagnetic radiation that affects our body. And to know how exactly it affects us read this article.

Electromagnetic radiation – a threat to human life.

The fact that powerful radiation in any frequency band is harmful to the human body has been known by scientists for a long time. Therefore, in areas where was concentrated radio transmission equipment, there were special rules. In about 2000, the scientific community had the thought: «Maybe the impact of low-power electromagnetic radiation also harms the human body?» Research carried out in the following years horrified the scientists of many independent laboratories that made them announce electromagnetic radiation, which a person faces in daily life, one of the main threats to the human body.

Details of some of these studies can be found in these articles.

In short, the above studies in one way or another show what a dangerous factor is the electromagnetic radiation from various household appliances, office equipment, transport, cellular base stations, etc. But there are 3 of the most harmful devices, the handling of which requires special care – a mobile phone, a computer and a microwave. The influence of electromagnetic radiation of these devices on the human body will be discussed further in the article.

The harm of your computer.

Each of us has either a computer or laptop, or some kind of computer; otherwise you would not be reading this article now. Until recently, conventional medicine believed that these devices harm the person as follows:

  • Malfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, as well as internal organs and systems due to sedentary work and long stay at the computer.
  • Violation of the visual system due to prolonged concentration of glance at the screen.

But in the last five years, scientists have proved that the computer is also a source of electromagnetic radiation in a wide frequency range. And this radiation interacting with the human body every day for several years may cause malfunction of virtually all systems, including the immune, cardiovascular, nervous, etc. These facts helped to take another look at the harm of computer and develop a series of recommendations for both children and adults (according to Ukrainian legislation, the person working at the computer for more than 4 hours per day shall be entitled to an additional 4 days of vacation per year). For more about the harm of computers read these articles:

The harm of the mobile phone.

It is unlikely that for someone is a secret the fact that a mobile phone creates a high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. And even when you do not talk on it, because it is necessary to call the base station to report that it is in the network. But even now, few people know that, despite the low power of radiation, some scientists call the mobile phone one of the most harmful Inventions of recent decades. Here are some facts:

  • Over the past 10 years, the maximum capacity of mobile phone models was reduced from 2 to 5 times. Opponents of the “harm the mobile phone” argue that this is due to the increasing in number of base stations, causing phones now almost never use full power. But actually it is not true. Reducing the level of radiation was caused by the introduction of standards, both in Europe and in Ukraine and Russia (though here no one checks these rules for imported products). The question is – why reduce the level of radiation if it is harmless?
  • In many European countries the use of mobile phones for children under 12 years old is prohibited.
  • Total for the last 15 years all over the world have been conducted more than 100 important investigations of harm of a mobile phone to human health. Although the link between electromagnetic radiation and some specific types of disease hasn’t been yet detected, no one doubts that a cell phone is harmful to human health. That is why the WHO (World Health Organization) recommends ban the use of mobile phones for children and limits the time of talk for adults.

Click the links below to find details about the harm of a mobile phone:

The harm of the microwave oven.

Since the invention of the microwave oven (and it happened more than 50 years ago), scientists began to say that this invention can be dangerous to human health. Were conducted various experiments, made a research and it was found that the damage of the microwave – it is not a fictional concept. However, there is still no final decision how harmful this invention is. For the details about the dangers of microwave ovens, read these articles:

And here we note only the main nuances.

  • Study for 1989 show that some amino acids are converted under the action of microwave radiation and cease to benefit humans. The same way behave some other organic substances in food.
  • In 1992, it turned out that people, who ate the food from the microwave, had changes in the composition of the blood: hemoglobin and lymphocytes decreased, cholesterol increased. These results were confirmed later by Dr. B. Blank in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute of Biochemistry.
  • Already in 2000, research shown that food’s value decreased from 60 % to 90 % if it was cooked in a microwave – disappears biological activity of vitamin B(complex), vitamin C and vitamin E. In plants, particularly roots, were forming free radicals. Meat, cooked in a microwave oven comprises Nitrosodienthanolamines, a well known carcinogen, and so forth.

But the damage of the microwave oven is not limited by the above mentioned. Like any powerful electrical device – microwave oven, during operation emits EMR which is harmful to the human body. Moreover, this radiation is formed in a fairly large range of frequencies and scientists only recently have started thinking about their impact on humans. For the time being were held too little experiments to speak of specific dangers of microwave ovens, but it is clear that we should not be near the microwave until it bakes potatoes or boils soup (i.e., for a long time).

The impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Let’s summarize.

Let’s make conclusions. In this article, we learned that the electromagnetic radiation often has a harmful effect on the human body. The level of this impact varies and depends on many factors, but the more you encounter electronic devices at home, at work or on the way, the more they affect you. And affect negatively. And every year, the level of this influence is growing. After all around you every day there are more and more household appliances, public transport running on electricity (by the way , inside the vehicle electromagnetic field is several times higher than on the street), mobile phone base stations are now dotted with every second tree. This list is endless. But this is unlikely to somehow help protect against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.