Principle of L&S Products functioning

One has only to try and the result will
exceed expectations !!!

There is no simpler, more efficient and more affordable way to completely restore your body than Products of «L&S»! Each Product from the «L&S» Collection («Super Lackey», «Lackey», «Befriend» and «Ultratemper») performs different functions and does not interfere with your body.

The principle of our Product operation is elementary simple! The only thing it does – it minimizes all the possible effects on the human body (electromagnetic radiation, cosmic radiation, the impact of our planet, the human impact).

Every living organism has inner energy that is directed either to protect themselves from external destructive factors, or to restore the organism. To date, this energy is not even enough to protect, and thus the restoration is out of the question. When you start to apply Company Products «L&S», which serve as a protection, then the body directs all its power to restore the energy. As a consequence gradually becomes active immune system and you get results – restored and preserved health, family relations are normalized, financial difficulties are resolved and many others.

Eg. Imagine what the impact on your energy is like a rain. It pours when you sleep, eat, walk, work, relax and have fun. In general – it is constant.

No matter what age you are and who you are – male or female. No matter the way you feel – sick or healthy. No matter what you do to maintain health – exercise, hardening, yoga or other techniques. Are you with an umbrella? – If the answer is «no», then you get wet. Therefore, you need to dry your clothes.

Why to dry clothes every day when you can buy an umbrella and not get wet? An umbrella is a safety device against rain, and «Lackey» and «Super Lackey» – these protective devices are against all impacts on the body’s energy!

Why be treated, if you can just not get ill?!