System of training

Build your Business Professionally !!!

In «L&S» operates vocational training system, designed personally by the President of the Company. It is elementary simple and accessible to everyone. Moreover, it is also absolutely free.

Each partner can take advantage of it and start building business initially competently. Create own teams of any size and geographic location.

There is an initial training by Leaders and training from the President! You start a new business for yourself, you learn from the leaders how to create a team of 10-20 people and then you get the invitation to join the training by the President, which is called the Academy «L&S»!

Training with an Expert !!!

Alexey Volkov created the Professional training system that gives 100% result! Applying the obtained knowledge, you will achieve your goals in the nearest future.

Academy «L&S» – consists of Seminars of five levels, which are held by the President of the Company!

Studying at Academy «L&S» – is a huge privilege for each partner of the Company «L&S»!

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Everyone can be a leader !!!

Learning from Leaders is clearly structured and systematic! That is why you personally and anyone else are sure to achieve own financial goals.

The purpose of this system is to teach you how to create a team from scratch up to 10-20 partners, so that you could get an invitation to the Academy «L&S» and learn from the President of the Company «L&S»!

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We have training all over the world !!!


Himalayas, India!

Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Kiev, Ukraine!


Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Dubai, UAE!



See the World with Company «L&S» !!!

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