Recognition of the Company L&S

The Company «L&S» highly appreciates its people!!!

Stunning Recognition !!!

Everyone wants to be recognized! When the sound of your Name and Surname, all inside you begins to tremble, you straighten shoulders and rush to the scene. The Company «L&S» recognizes even your tiny achievements. And recognizes at the highest level. You’re on stage and leaders applaud you standing. Personally from the hands of the Management you get your first Mark of Distinction, made by leading jewelers of the country from yellow gold 750, weighing more than 10 grams.

Feelings and emotions of the moment remain with you for life. The awareness of the fact that you did it, you’re a Winner – you personally defeated the circumstances which all of us have. You’re the best! This is a great moment in life and you just have to experience it.

Exclusive Gifts !!!

Just think – 40 nominations! Just achieve a result in any direction and you get from the Company an unbelievably cool present. All this gifts will help you at creating a high style of your business.

Many times were given the latest Photo cameras and advanced video cameras, branded pens (Parker, Waterman, Von fon Faber Castell) and notepads, IPhone 4S by special order with the company logo and the newest notebooks, cards to $ 700 – $ 1300 in Brocard (network of boutiques of luxury cosmetics) for the one-time purchase, and much more. And in 2013 were also donated a dozen ultra IPad 4, where is already installed everything that you need for business.

With these tools your business growth rate increases many times!