Great achievements of the Company L&S

Company «L&S» started its rapid development in two countries simultaneously – in Ukraine and in Russia. The Capital of the Company «L&S» is Kharkov city!

Achievements of the Company «L&S» !!!

Thanks to the cohesive work of professionals in March 2005 was organized the serial production of high quality and ultra-efficient Products. All these years without delay and with strict quality control a lot of people get our Products.

The quality control system of the Company «L&S» is certified according to ISO 9001 Certificate!


medal_diplom_rlkRussian Quality LeaderCompany «L&S» represented by the Company General Director received the status of «Russian Quality Leader 2016» from the Russian Organization for Quality!

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Medal and Diploma «Russian quality Leader» !!!

Applying our Products and receiving immediate results for the rehabilitation, we all love the Company «L&S» with all our heart.

Brand «L&S» receives National Recognition in Ukraine!


Three years in a row Brand «L&S» is recognized as The Brand of the Year in Ukraine!


Best Manufacturer of Domestic Goods in 2011, 2012, 2013!

Our Company in a very short time turned into the leading enterprise in the former Soviet Union Countries in the area of development, production and sale of luxury and vital Products.

Making a revolution in the world of science and applying the latest technology for the production of products, the Company «L&S» won the Highest International Academic Award – STATUA D’ARGENTO DEA FORTUNA CON GLADIO D’ORO!


For Production of the Highest Quality Products !!!

For Development of the Newest Technologies !!!

For Activity for the Benefit of All People !!!