Recovery of animals

Recovery of animals on the Products of «L&S» !!!

You do not need to explain them how our Products function – they feel that they are well and «stick» to the Products of «L&S»!


Fortulina cat, 9 years old

The cat was sick, so it resulted in problems with eyes. The cat became lethargic, ate almost nothing .

The master used «Lackey» and «Super Lackey» 3 times a day for 20 minutes during 2 days. Washed cat’s face and eyes with structured water and used «Ultratemper».

In 2 days, the eyes no longer turned sour, the cat became playful and fun. Appetite returned.

Thank the President of the Company, who cares not only about people, but also about our household pets! Very thankful!!!


Lisa cat, 14 years old

Each week had epilepsy – the vet said it is not treated and the cat will soon die.

Was used basic «Lackey» for just 3 days .

When «Lackey» appeared in the house, the cat set on it itself, and slept. On the third day there was a strong attack and it was the last! 5.5 years of no attacks, the cat is healthy, playful and makes happy the whole family.

Thanks for the Miracle, for the Products that help all living beings on Earth. Thanks to the Company President «L&S»!!!


Smiley kitten, 1 month

Fell from the roof of the kiosk and damaged front paws. As a result, it almost couldn’t walk, was almost crawling, because he could not normally tread on the front paw.

Sam came and put its front legs on «Super Lackey» for 15-20 minutes a day for a week.

A week later, paws recovered, the kitten could run and play .

Thank you for the amazing Company’s Products!!!



Nufnastik rabbit

There was a change of feeв and it resulted into indigestion, it was very unwell. It seemed that it was going to die.

Applying «Super Lackey» for 2 hours under the cage was obtained a stunning result.

The rabbit recovered. A few hours later it began to eat, and in the evening ran around the apartment as if nothing had happened.

Many thanks for the Product, which saved the life of my beloved Nufnastik!!!


Doggie Marsik, 1 year old. Belgorod. It had an intestinal infection and the vet diagnosed – it was on the brink of death. We put «Super Lackey» under the rug for 4 days + gave vitamins and one antibiotic. Now the dog is alive and well. Thank you for Products «L&S» – it’s a miracle!!!


This collection is Delight and Admiration!