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Comparative photographs of people who have used the devices «L&S»!

Baklanova Lyudmila, 58

Malignant tumor of the colon. An operation Hartmann, abdominal drainage. A year of chemotherapy. Hypertension (for 22 years).

Applying the entire collection of the Company «L&S»: «Super Lackey», «Befriend», «Lackey» and «Ultratemper», since November 2008 I began to recover very quickly.

Soon began to feel great, are back strength and energy! Normalized blood pressure, headaches are gone. The back stopped hurting. Normalized metabolism and for three months I significantly lost weight – the dynamics on the photo.

I have never experienced such a comfortable and effective way to restore health!


Kochergina Victoria, 34

Many years trying to get rid of subcutaneous mite (demodicosis skin) with the help of traditional medicine, but without result. The only way out – to burn it with laser.

Used for the maximum time per day three devices «Lackey» and washed face with water infused on «Lackey», and in 1.5 months mite reproduction stopped and the wounds began to heal! Significantly decreased redness – the dynamics on the photo.


Krynin Denis, 29

Was 1 meter from the explosion in the mine at a depth of 800 meters (mine Krasnodar, May 9). Only 4 people survived and I was in the most serious condition. Received 60 % body burns, badly damaged the head and upper body. The diagnosis of doctors: if he stays alive – will have to go through the amputation of ears and a mandatory plastic of the face.

Applying two «Befriends» and several «Lackeys», on the second day regained consciousness and began to eat without the aid system. On the third day came back sensitivity, on the 4th – got out of bed and began to walk in spite of the doctors. There was no need to do the operation of the skin, as skin started to regenerate very quickly. On the 17th day went home. The interval between the photos is 48 days.


Fedyshin Constantine, 27

Furunculosis for 6 years. Many years of blood transfusion and bowel cleansing did not give any result.

Using three «Lackeys» in 1.5 months all abscesses on the face, chest and back were gone the skin became perfectly clean.



Пусенкова Лидия

Poussenkova Lydia, 73

I had trophic ulcer in a serious manner. My daughter works as a surgeon in Moscow and assumed possible amputation.

Daily use of all Company Products «L&S» – «Lackey», three «Super Lackey», «Befriend» and «Ultratemper» helped to avoid amputation and in two months my leg recovered!!!

Thank you my Beloved Products, for the opportunity to live a full life!