Recommendations for the use of the Products L&S

How to use the Products of «L&S» !!!

Products of the Company «L&S» are very easy to use. To get results, it is necessary to apply the Products of «L&S» DAILY.

Optimal use of «L&S» Products:

«Lackey» and «Super Lackey»! Put three devices «Lackey» or any combination of the three devices «Lackey» and «Super Lackey» along the spine from the coccyx to the crown. Use thus not less than two hours total per day.


1. To remove encumbrance from feet, apply «Lackey» or «Super Lackey» on the feet daily for at least 15-20 minutes.

2. If you have leg and feet problems, put three «Lackeys» or «Super Lackeys» from the heels up to the waist for two hours.

3. For infants and young children put «Lackey» or «Super Lackey» under the blanket in the crib and when you walk with the stroller.

4. Put food, brandy, cream and butter on «Lackey» or «Super Lackey» for 30 minutes – they get cleaned of harmful ingredients.

«Befriend»! Apply three devices «Befriend» on energy centers, two of which are located on the head and another one is located on the 6-7th cervical vertebrae.

Also, use actively «Befriend» throughout the day as follows:

1. To protect the two energy centers, wear throughout the day the «Befriend» on the solar plexus (with the logo from yourself) and near the heart (with logo facing you).

2 . To restore the energy flow in the main energy circle, hold down two «Befriends» with logo facing palms for 5-10 minutes.

3 . To remove the energy impact apply «Befriend» with logo facing you to the respective energy centers for 5-10 minutes.

«Ultratemper»! Insert in each cell or radio phone the protector «Ultratemper».

And also, in case of bites, burns, cuts and bumps, apply «Ultratemper» on the injury for 5-10 minutes. There will be an instantaneous recovery of the injured place.

Water! For the structuring of water, put it in a glass container on the device «Lackey» for 2 hours or device «Super Lackey» for 20 minutes. Drink and wash with this water.

P.S. Since all the Products of «L&S» are safety devices and do not contact with the body, the excess use of it is impossible. As well as no side effects are possible either.

The more you apply products, the faster you clean your body, restore your energy state and you get

guaranteed excellent result !!!