Methods of verification

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II. Computer Diagnostics.

To date, there are many different methods of computer diagnostics. Below I will present a few of them, which are the most popular and visible.

1. Adaptometry.

This diagnosis is made at the Karazin Kharkov National University at Valeology department.

Aurogramma – 4 standard types of aura:

Below in the pictures you can see the original state of human energy and what changes occur with energy 20 minutes after application of the device «Lackey».

Right-side view

Left-side view

Back view

Front view

The state of human energy centers.

The change in the state of the chakras in 20 minutes of using «Lackey»

The change in the status of the human biofield when talking on a cell phone without the protection and with the safety device «Ultratemper».

As you can see in pic.1 with an aurogramm, in the initial state in humans there is a great shortage of energy, as evidenced by the deviation of the contour lines from the corridor of aura norms (two oval lines). In the area of the throat chakra energy deficit is typical for the population of Ukraine and Russia. The state of the throat chakra is greatly affected by the ecological situation and emotional status of the person. The change in the status of the human biofield when talking on a cell phone without the protection and with the safety device Ultratemper At this person except for a general lack of energy has a pronounced shortage of energy on the throat chakra, lack of energy in the area in the lower part of the body, which leads to a shortage of energy in the legs and feet.

As the measurement of parameters of aura after a 10- minute talk on a cell phone (Picture 2) show there is a significant reduction in the overall size of the aura with increasing energy shortages on the throat center and the area of legs and feet.

Picture 3 shows aurogramma after talking on a cell phone with a protective device «Ultratemper». According to that the protective device «Ultratemper» does not only neutralize the negative electromagnetic radiation, but also increases humans’ aura safety functions.


2. Oberon.

State of the vessels of the brain while talking on cell phone

This method of diagnosis shows the energy state of any organ and system of the person. The picture below shows the state of cerebral vessels while talking on a cell phone without the protection and with a safety device «Ultratemper».





3. According to Foll.

Average indications for the group of 30 people

This diagnosis is made by using the hardware-software complex «INTA-com-Voll» and shows the effects of mobile phone on the basic systems of the human body.

Having analyzed the data obtained in this research it can be concluded that the use of a mobile phone without the protection of has a negative effect on the functional state of the major body systems. The use of protective devices of Company «L&S» significantly mitigates this negative effect.


III. Medical research.

In traditional medicine there are thousands of ways to check the effect of this device. Ultrasound, X-rays, tomography, blood counts, etc. But here I will present only some of the many conclusions that were derived from the official medicine.

Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Kiev Research Institute of Urology

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Comparative ultrasound

Pristinskaya Gulnara, 46 years old. Restoration of the left lobe of the thyroid gland, which was removed.




Alexander Kondrashov, 39 years old. Recovery after subtotal traumatic amputation of the right foot by the grinder.



Medical report page 1

Medical report page 2





IV. Research Institutes.

Test report number 1 # 2006 from 21.12.2006 of laboratory studies of low-temperature cryogenic complex of Taras Shevchenko Kiev National University. Where it is said that «Lackey» placed in the path of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range from 40 to 70 GHz weakens the level of the incident electromagnetic radiation power to not less than 8 dB, significantly thereby reducing the harmful effects of radiation on human body.

Test protocol of «Lackey».

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

You can also make a request of test reports on all Products of «L&S» to VA Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics at Russian Academy of Sciences and the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physic – Technical Measurements.