How to protect against electromagnetic radiation?

Products Company «L&S»: «Lackey» and «Super Lackey», «Befriend» and «Ultratemper» !!!

Devices «Lackey», «Super Lackey», «Ultratemper» and «Befriend» – are the World’s Best Protection against EMR !!!

In the article «The damage of EMR» we found out that electromagnetic radiation poses a significant threat to human health.

The logical question is – is it possible to protect against this threat? And if we can, then how can we do that?

From University lectures of Basic Life Safety we know that there are several ways to protect against the powerful electromagnetic radiation in the workplace. They are – shielding, distance and time protection. They were developed for more than 50 years ago, when people knew nothing about high-frequency radiation and its effects on the human body. Nevertheless, all of these methods can be used in everyday life for protecting against the microwave. For example:

  • – Screening. Ground all the techniques at home. Not on the battery, but on special wires and sockets counter. In this case, the computer cover or microwave will stop being a radiating antenna.
  • – Time protection. Spend less time at the computer when it is working. Use mobile to discuss only the important things (by the way, it is highly recommended by WHO). Etc.
  • – Distance protection. Do not stand near the working washing machines or microwave ovens. Do not walk under high-power line.

All these methods significantly reduce the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Significantly, but not enough.

The Products of «L&S» were developed to fully protect people from the effects of EMP.

Devices «Lackey», «Ultratemper», «Befriend» and «Super Lackey» are adapting devices, not drugs, they do not emit and are not in contact with the body. Devices are notch filters in the form of short-circuited turns of certain sizes and alloys, with some technological and design features that are know-how. As a result, around the protective devices dramatically changes the nature of external radiation and any living organism is exposed to a much smaller influence of external fields in the most dangerous for human frequency range 40-70 GHz. These technical means, altering the level of polarization of electromagnetic radiation around them, help the body to remove negative effects of electromagnetic burdening. The internal power supply system of the person comes into a state of harmony and restores immunity, which is struggling with many diseases.


«Lackey» – is an exclusive stationary reductant and harmonizer.

This is a neat plate of the size 30×21 cm, 8 mm thick, capable of becoming for its owner one of those handy gadgets that you can always carry along with a mobile phone or tablet. However, unlike other modern technical devices, Lackey can bring a person more than just comfort.

According to these examinations «Lackey» device reduces the electromagnetic fields at frequencies of 40 – 70 GHz, 8 dB, for about in 5 times.


«Ultratemper» – is a protection against the negative impact of the mobile phone.

«Ultra» – over, temper – 1) to soften, to moderate, 2) mood. The name very accurately conveys the nature of our product. Negative factors are mitigated, moderated; your mood is getting better.

In the range of 40-70 GHz are suppressed harmonic components from the main carrier frequency radio signal emitted by a mobile phone at a frequency of 0.9 – 1.8 GHz. External signal attenuation ratio of ~ 30 dB at a frequency of 40 – 70 GHz, i.e. decreased signal on research conducted in the United States to penetrate the brain to 37.5 mm. The quality of reception and transmission, power of the main signal is not changed. Effectiveness of Ultratemper see here.

Uniqueness and individuality in the best tradition of quality and accuracy. Symbol of Your success. The most commonly used with mobile phones.

«Super Lackey»

«Super Lackey» – is an exclusive stationary extra reductant and harmonizer.


The most effective way to regenerate!



«Befriend» – is an individual protection device against energy impacts.

To ensure maximum performance is recommended to have «Befriend» directly near the objects of recovery.

The fastest results are achieved when applied to the area of discomfort.

To achieve a result only one device is enough. When the number of devices used increases, increases the efficiency of the protection.

«Befriend» – help, support, be a friend. A small, compact device that can be put in your pocket or purse. It will always protect and support you in the most difficult conditions. This is a friend who is always there.


Technical devices of the Company «L&S» («Super Lackey», «Lackey», «Befriend» and «Ultratemper») protect living organisms from the «electronic smog», i.e. purify electrical signals from the microwave component, a devastating effect on the biofield.

By reducing electromagnetic influence on the human body:

1. Improves immune system function;
2. Improves health;
3. Improves associative memory;
4. Withdraws «fatigue syndrome»;
5. Reduces the risk of various diseases;
6. Biofield is restored;
7. Increases sperm activity and potency;
8. Improves cardio – vascular system.

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