Stylish Parties in the Company L&S

Elite hangouts of successful people !!!

Fantastic Regatta «L&S» !!!

Since 2011 we have been learning how to sail yachts. This is a team job. A sign of well coordinated Teamwork and the intention to Win – this is the Cup of «L&S».

Our competitions are held in the style of «L&S»! Thoroughly planned and exquisite. Best places and hotels, matched in size jackets with the company logo for everyone, receptions, white yachts with huge Company logos and slogans on the sides, beautiful landscapes, great cups and luxury parties. Even the weather is ideal for sailing.

In August 2011, in Kiev, Koncha-Zaspa (elite place near Kiev), took place the first International Cup Regatta «L&S» and in September 2012, in Yalta along the southern coast of the Crimea was held the second International Cup Regatta «L&S».

When you are sailing – you feel an indescribable pleasure!

Exclusive Golf Tournaments «L&S» !!!

Since 2012 began to work another exclusive program of the Company – golf tournaments of President’s Cup «L&S»! They say it’s a game of millionaires – that is too expensive. Exquisite leading hotel, beautiful views, very expensive grass, a certain dress code, well-trained staff and a personal trainer (World Champion in golf).

All this chic the Company turned into a beautiful fairy tale. It all started with the launch of two hundred of white doves, and ended with a grand concert of a popular star of show business!

Try it – you may like it!


Luxury Auto Party «L&S» !!!

A Super luxurious event, which shows the profitability of our business. Since 2012, the annual elite program Auto Party «L&S» started functioning.

Luxury villa «Elena» in Yalta (5* deluxe hotel 15 meters from the promenade), where the Yalta Summits (meeting of Presidents and ambassadors from various countries) hospitably opened its doors in September 2012 for the Leaders of the Company.

Stylish cars of the Leaders on the background of «L&S» banners, video reports and photo sessions with the best photographers of the country, tuxedos and evening gowns at the grand party – that is the way the Company congratulates leaders with their new purchases.

In a luxurious residence on the southern coast of the Crimea was held an exclusive Auto Party «L&S» 2013.

Your own modern car – it’s not just a means of transportation, but also comfort and image!