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Only in the Elite and Brand editions !!!

1. Status Magazine «Premier Club Magazine»

«Premier Club Magazine» is published for the guests of Premier Hotels by a hotel operator «Premier International». This company is designed to promote a positive image of Ukraine overseas and at domestic tourism market. The purpose of the project – to show the tourist attraction of the country, to introduce the rich cultural traditions, legendary personalities, attractions, as well as all the features for a comfortable stay and travel in Ukraine.

3. Premier Club Magazine №20 Winter 2018/19. Pages 6 to 9 – «L&S – The Future is here today!»

2. «Premier Club Magazine» №15 Autumn 2016. Pages 8 to 11 – «Liberty and Success – the Brand of the New Millennium!»

1. «Premier Club Magazine» №12 Winter 2013/14. Pages 8 to 11 – «Liberty and Success – the Brand of the New Millennium!»

2. Image magazine «InterContinental Life»

«InterContinental Life» – image edition of the Hotel InterContinental Kiev is an elite domestic product of class LUXURY with quality printing, professional design, modern journalism and unique area of distribution. Published in two languages (Russian and English).

InterContinental Kiev is a 5-star hotel of the famous international brand that has proven the highest level of service and responsibility to customers. Guests of the hotel are VIP and official delegations from all around the world, statesmen and stars of show-business, business elite and top managers of leading companies and TM.

«InterContinental Life» Winter 2013/14. Page 86 – «Universe L&S in 2013 as a celebration of team spirit!»

«InterContinental Life» – is an essential part of the obligations of the hotel to always meet the needs of its guests. «InterContinental Life» meets the highest requirements of customers, guests and advertisers.

The main themes of the publications in the «InterContinental Life» are the news of the hotel and particular business. An important component of «InterContinental Life» is interviews with famous people, as a rule – hotel guests whose careers are a symbol of success and prosperity. Much attention is paid to social life, the contemporary fashion and accessories. Tourism and travel, lifestyle, food and drink, entertainment class LUXURY – there is only copyrighted material in the journal «InterContinental Life».

3. Elite magazine «AIRPORT»

Пишут о Liberty & Success

An intelligent, progressive, innovative, colorful and accurately calculated, considerate mix of avant-garde and conservatism.

Distributed in large quantities on branded racks for successful, progressive men and women interested in travel, sports, versed in modern fashion, film, painting, interested in current trends in all areas of life, having a hobby, leading an active lifestyle.


9. Airport December 2015. Page 61-62 – «Is there protection against electromagnetic radiation? Together with L&S – yes!» and Page 63-64 – «L&S devices are the best friends and reliable assistants!»

8. Airport August 2015. Page 47-48 – «L&S – a decade of taking care of the humanity!!!» and Page 49-50 – «L&S devices are the best friends and reliable assistants!»

7. Airport April 2015. Page 46-47 – «L&S – 10 years of immaculate reputation!!!» and Page 48-49 – «Quality and Efficiency!»

6. Airport February 2014. Page 26-27 – «L&S on Guard of Your Health!»

5. Airport January 2014. Page 24-25 – «Ocean of new opportunities with the Company L&S!»

4. Airport December 2013. Page 33-34 – «In the New Year with L&S!»

3. Airport November 2013. Page 26-27 – «L&S – safety and comfort of your body!»

2. Airport October 2013. Page 26-27 – «Restoring the inner grid with L&S!»

1. Airport September 2013. Page 26-27 – «Company L&S – the Brand of the New Millennium!»


Golden Fortune. Company «L&S»!
Golden Fortune. Inventor Alexey Volkov!
Golden Fortune. «L&S» – the protection of mankind!
Golden Fortune. «Lackey»!
Golden Fortune. «SUPER LACKEY»!
Golden Fortune. «Ultratemper»!
Golden Fortune. «Befriend»!
Golden Fortune. State recognition!
Golden Fortune. «Liberty and Success»!
Golden Fortune. Impeccable reputation!
Golden Fortune. «Lackey» – restorer and harmonizer!
Golden Fortune. Lada Volkova!
Golden Fortune. Quality and recognition!
Golden Fortune. «L&S» – save $ 400 – $ 10,000 and make 400 friends!
Golden Fortune. «L&S» – save $ 2000 – $ 8000 and help your friends, acquaintances and relatives!

5. Newspaper «Moskovsky test», which is issued by the Independent Expert in Russia «ROSTEST MOSCOW»

In 2007, the Products of the Company «L&S» received a Gold Seal and were assigned to the highest quality!

Page 11 – «Electromagnetic smog. Study of Radiation».

In 2010, the Company «L&S» became the Laureate of the Moscow round of the «100 best goods of Russia 2012»!

Page 10 – «Made in Russia – Quality Assurance».

6. International Academy of Rating Technologies and Sociology «Golden Fortune»

International scientific organization IARTAS «Golden Fortune» has in its Presidium senior officials of the National and Royal Academies of Sciences in 30 countries of the world.

Every year the International Academy offers its readers the International Almanac «Golden Fortune».