Knowledge of the World with the luxury of L&S

Experience the incredible feeling knowing the world together with «L&S» !!!

There are five areas of luxury travel In the Company «L&S». For each person there is an opportunity to know the World from different perspectives and experience completely different and fantastic feeling.

Three of the five areas are already working. They do not leave anyone indifferent.

Fantastic! Bomb! Great! This cannot be true! – These words fly out from the mouth of Partners who at least once went on a trip with Company «L&S».

Путешествие на острова

An incredible vacation in the best hotels in the World for City Leaders !!!


All about Travel for City Leaders, see the article «Travel in L&S».


Mystical feeling in the strongest places of the World for the Leaders of the Region !!!

Bathe at the headwaters of the Ganges!

Mustical Experience

Invitation to India!


Luxury parties in the VIP places of the World for the Country Leaders !!!

Excellent Party Collection «L&S» – is the most incredible and luxury Company program, giving the opportunity to experience the life of billionaires.

Annual ceremony of awarding the Ruby Hearts to the Leaders of the Country is held in the posh areas of the planet!

In spring 2010, the party was held at the elegant restaurant hanging in the air at 200 meters above the Persian Gulf, the world’s only 7 * hotel in Dubai, UAE – see photo.


In the summer of 2012 a grand party was held in the elegant atmosphere of the best restaurant in France «Louis XV» in Monte Carlo, Monaco – see photo.


For each person – this is a unique chance to experience our beautiful World!