Interference with the Company L&S

Unique opportunities for everyone !!!

«Space» Showroom !!!

That is a very stylish representation of the Company in the most modern hotel of Kharkov.

In July 2013 the Leaders were invited to the opening of an Exclusive Showroom «L&S».

When you get into it, you have the feeling that you enter into a spaceship. Fantastic design and very expensive interior, snow-white Italian furniture and the latest technology – the best Showroom!

Handy and beautiful sites «L&S» !!!

Four official websites which are beyond competition.

Modern and unbelievably beautiful, incredibly positive and inspiring, laconic and giving a complete picture of the Company. Every word is precise and capacious. Very convenient and easy to use. A great pleasure to use them for presentation and running your own business.

Half an hour is enough for you personally to decide – do you want to be the part of the Company «L&S»?!

Unbelievable briefing of the President of «L&S» !!!

This is the most unique and stunning event every year. When you begin to understand how do some «things» in life work – it is a state of excitement and a feeling of profound knowledge!

Overall, I really like how it is written on the official website of the Company about the Briefing of the President of the Company.

«If you had a unique chance to get an answer to any question in your life, what question would it be?

Will you miss this opportunity?»

And many more Exclusive and Elite Events for those who want to find out more about the Company «L&S»:

  • In the elegant atmosphere of the best club restaurant of the country was held the Christmas meeting with the Board of Directors – see photo.
  • In the relaxed atmosphere of elegant luxury, in the ballroom of the best club hotel of the country was held Secular Reception «L&S» – see photo.
  • In the best hotel hall of the country in Kharkov Palace 5 * deluxe, was held an extended meeting with the Board of Directors of «L&S» – See photo.
  • In one of the largest halls of the country in Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre took place the first presentation held personally by the President of the Company «L&S» – See photo.

In addition, the Company’s management has developed and introduced into practice many stunning programs, forming a high lifestyle of a free and successful person, the Company also develops additional tools that give exclusivity and acceleration to your business!