Events of the Company L&S

Grand Events of «L&S» !!!

«Event – it’s not just a holiday. This is a turning point in my life!»

This phrase from the official website of the Company «L&S» once and forever changed my ideas about events in my life. The majority of people live in constant hassles and worries. But not in our Company! Grandiose and pompous events organized by the Company change you and your whole life.

The Leader Day is on May 1st !!!

This is the day when the President of the Company meets with us, the Leaders, and we celebrate our victories and new achievements. Also, each Leader has the opportunity to personally interact with the President of the Company and find out all the interesting moments of his business!

«L&S» Style !!!

This is an incredible feast for all active partners. Here are a lot of emotions and excitement for everyone, because everything is in the style of «L&S» – elite and sophisticated! See some of them:

Universe «L&S» !!!

This is a great event for qualified partners, where the Company sums up our results for the year (from May to May). Only the best hotels of Russia and Ukraine, tuxedos and evening dresses, photo shoots and interviews, rivers of Italian champagne and lots of positive. Prevails a terrific atmosphere of luxury, wealth and success!

And read about the Universe «L&S» 2013 in a luxury InterContinental Life magazine.

At this celebration of life, we, the partners of «L&S», receive from the hands of the company’s management invitation to a bright, rich and beautiful life of successful people!